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First few miles of Denali highway paved. Alaska Range.Bonaparte's Gull, Joe LakeSpoted Sandpiper, Tangle RiverSaved!Honk and wait. Nice plastic flowers in sluice boxReminded me of the No Name Pub near Key West--dollars stapled everywhere.American Golden-Plover nests on the tundra. Up from Patagonia, 25,000 mile round trip.Golden feather tipsMaclaren River, Alaska RangeWe stayed here two nights.Meet "very fresh eggs."$170 per nightThe only restaurant in 60 miles.Really excellent Thai food. Saved us. With lemonade, $10.Wednesday AM drive to Delta on the Richardson Highway. Glacier in centerAlaska Pipeline. Zig zag to allow it to expand and contract.Oil 120 degrees. Posts have radiators to keep permafrost frozen.Earthquake zone. Earth moves, pipe slides. It works, per recent earthquakes.Red-breasted Merganser skirts ice, June 19th