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Bridled Tern, perched on debris along the weed lineAudubon ShearwaterBrown Booby, junvenile. Booby because thought to be stupidly tame.Brown Booby, juvenileBrown BoobiesMasked Booby, adultBrown Noddy. Noddy because the male and female nod during courtshipBrown NoddySooty Tern, never perches on debris in water, unlike Bridled TernSooty Tern--apparently drinking salt water.Sooty Tern, aka Wideawake--calls all day and night.Magnificent Frigatebird, adult male. Longest wings relative to weight of any bird.Magnificent Frigatebird, adult femaleMagnificent Frigatebird, juvenile first yearMagnificent Frigatebird, male displayingRoseate Terns left, Sandwich Terns rightRoseate TernNorthern GannetRuddy TurnstoneCommon Yellowthroat