Zenfolio | Tom Wilberding | DIA Owl Loop 12/07/2015
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Northeast of DIA. No trees like the tundra. Start at Tower and 96th.Merlin,  prairie population, West Cargo Road, east of 96th.Ferruginous hawk, West Cargo RoadSnowy far away in red circle, zoomed in already. Buildings on 114th.The star of the show. (Black markings mean immature, I believe.)Northern harrier, male, on 88th, east of Tower.Horned lark, lots around.Western meadowlark, lots of these too.Bald eagle, juvenile, Tower  Road. Molting or is that a clown suit?Red-tailed hawk, eastern population, 120th Ave. near Barr LakeEared grebe, Barr Lake near the damAmerican tree sparrow near the Old Stone House at Barr Lake dam. Adios!