Zenfolio | Tom Wilberding | Alaska 6/02/2013
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June 2, AM in rainy Anchorage before meeting VENT group.We enjoyed this great "trolley" tour of the city.Anchorage population like Cincinnati, Ohio, but it's half of Alaska.Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson CenterThe Muse Restaurant at the museum, wonderful lunch.Coast International Inn in Anchorage with VENTMonday morning, part of our group getting ready for an early flight to Nome,Anchorage airport feels like winterThe whole group in Nome, on the way to remote GambellApproaching Gambell, established circa 287 B.C.On the ground in Gambell.Hanson, our lodge managerAncient boneyards heaved by digging for walrus tusks--ivory.Walrus meat drying. We're not in Kansas anymore.Bowhead whale bones