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White-tailed PtarmiganSpotted TowheeAmerican KestrelYellow-rumped WarblerHooded WarblerMountain PloverDark-eyed Junco: Gray-headedBlack-headed GrosbeakWild TurkeyLark SparrowBlue GrosbeakScaled QuailBroad-tailed HummingbirdBroad-tailed HummingbirdBaird's SandpiperAmerican GoldfinchRock WrenSage ThrasherAmerican Three-toed WoodpeckerPygmy Nuthatch

Guestbook for Thanksgiving 2012
Jennifer Hope Hyypio(non-registered)
Nice photos. I like how you see a that special light on your subjects and positioning background color and objects to highlight the subject.

Also looking for a way to share my work. Your thoughts on Zenfolio? Have a Grateful Thanksgiving.
Jennifer Hope Hyypio
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