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Affordable rooms with kitchens, right out of 1950's England. Owner is Brit birder,  Keith Hackland.Sabal PalmEstero LLano Grande State Park. Big deck for pond viewing.Long-billed Dowitchers with some Stilt Sandpipers.Mexican park across the Rio Grande, which they call the Rio Bravo. Rest rooms sinking?White-tailed KiteLoggerhead Shrike (blue dumpster beyond)Green Parakeets in McAllen.Mark, Tom, Joanie, Robert & JanRed-tailed HawkWhite-tailed HawkLa Lomita Chapel, 1899Barb, Tom, Robert, JanYellow-bellied SapsuckerBronzed CowbirdAuthor Seth Patterson  with Barb at Sabal Palm SanctuaryLeast GrebePied-billed GrebeNorthern Pintails, malesBlack-crowned Night-Heron