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Bullock's Oriole, Valco Ponds on the wayPlumbeous VireoSan Luis ValleyThursday: Eaglets at Zink's Pond,Acorn Woodpecker, Meadow Road, DurangoWelcome picnic, BBQ at the Cortez Recreation Center.Great food and company. Let the birding begin!Friday along the Dolores RiverLouise points out a nesting Red-tailed Hawk to Doug Faulkner's groupBlack Phoebe on the Dolores RiverUninvited guest at our picnicSaturday: Brewer's Blackbird on the way to Mancos State ParkOur photo group hears a Grace's Warbler.Grace's Warbler likes Ponderosa pine.Abert's Squirrel in a cottonwood?Red CrossbillWestern BluebirdMancos State ParkYellow-rumped Warbler, Audubon populationGotta break for lunch. The birds can wait.

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Jennifer Hyypio(non-registered)
Really enjoyed your slide show! I was not able to go so I appreciate your artistic journey. I recently bought a field camera with leica lenses and I love it! I can finally capture what I have been looking at for 40 years.
Nice work,
Jennifer Hyypio
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