Zenfolio | Tom Wilberding | Denali, Alaska 6/15/2013
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Flattop Mountain, see guy at top left horizon?Alpine laurelWe made it! Anchorage in the distance.Wait, how did they get up here?Floating dock at Cook Inlet. Wicked tide.Thayer's Gull on nest downtownResolution Park with Captain Cook.Pontoon plane takes off from Lake Spenard. Pilot license at 14, driver's at 16.Saturday morning up the George Parks Highway. There's Mt. McKinley!Chulitna RiverClear weather like this rare in JuneGreat dinner spot in Denali. The only dinner spot in Denali.The hockey on TV was the only cold thing in the bar. Hot day!Sunday on the all day bus to Wonder Lake85 miles to Wonder Lake, several stopsGlacial outwash.Deep wilderness, everything in balance, no alien speciesDall sheep, like Bighorn Sheep only white.Caribou, bigger than their reindeer cousins.Mt. McKinley is so massive, 20,237 feet tall.