Zenfolio | Tom Wilberding | Huron Peak 9/27/2011
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Monday pm: outskirts of LeadvilleMade Horace rich.Not so lucky for Baby DoeTurquoise Lake, west of LeadvileFall comes early in the mountains.Mt. Elbert west of Leadville, climbed August 3, 2010Tuesday: dawn breaks on Granite Mountain.Almost halfway, above treelineBehind Barb looms Huron Peak3/4 the way up. We started way down at the bottom of the valley.Watch your step, ice here & there.Ahead is the steepest part. Still smiling.Final push to the summitWe made it! 14,003Top of the worldThree Apostles, Ice Mountain in the middleRidge line to Brown's PeakHalfway down, getting cloudyDown to the trees--Gray Jay