Zenfolio | Tom Wilberding | CFO Sterling Convention 8/28/14
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Folks who like feathers flock togetherThursday night Welcome PicnicBBQ for 145Friday dawn, time to go birdingSwedlund Ranch. the 1910 Wells Rock HouseSwedlund Ranch & North Sterling ReservoirLooking toward Nebraska, the Chalk BluffsBaird's Sandpiper on its way from the Arctic to ArgentinaSaturday: the private Riverside ReservoirNesting American White Pelicans & Double-crested CormorantsAmerican AvocetRiverside host Skip Dines with Jon Dunn, Bill Kaempfer & our groupCaspian Tern with Franklin's GullsWilletMarbled Godwits with Stilt SandpipersSaturday's banquet desertSue Riff, Jon Dunn, Lynda Elkin