Zenfolio | Tom Wilberding | Argentine & Boreas Passes 7/25/2011
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Mule deer near MontezumaPeru Creek, Chihuahua GulchBeaver lodge & dam on Peru CreekRevenue MountainAbove Chihuahua Gulch, hiking to Argentine Pass.Rosy Paintbrush, Figwort FamilyGrays Peak, 14,274. We climbed it and Torreys with Clara on 8/5/2006 from the other side.Purple Fringe, Waterleaf familyTall Chiming Bells, Borage familyUp to Argentine Pass. Don't look down.We were unwilling to traverse slippery snow field. Faint tracks from last winter.RetreatLate July is peak wildflower time in the Colorado mountains.Colorado ColumbineLake Dillon, Barb as MermaidMorning at our campsite