Zenfolio | Tom Wilberding | Rio Grande, 1/30/2012
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January 30th flew from Denver to Houston, then Houston to McAllen.Here's the Valley, Falcon Dam to South Padre Island, 150 miles along the Rio Grande.Barb and TomJan and RobertQuinta Mazatltan, a country villa built in 1935, now owned by the City of McAllenFace carved in door? Owner Jason Matthews, fought beside Lawrence of ArabiaPlain ChachalacaGreat KiskadeeCurve-billed ThrasherNorthern MockingbirdClay-colored ThrushRobert & TomVisitor's Center at Frontera Audubon. (My sister-in-law, J,--her father designed it.)Estero LLano Grande State Park, means big, flat estuary.Ring-necked Duck showing seldom-seen cinnamon neck ringBaby alligatorHarris's HawkDriving in Mission, one of the nicer towns in the Valley.Green Jay at Bentsen State Park